Sep 26, 2012

Preparing an exhibition in Málaga

CvCinema will open it's first exhibition in Málaga, on October the 11th! It is a didactic showcase to share our research with the students at the School of Final Arts of the Universidad de Málaga.

3D view of the exhibition room
There is a lot of work involved in this exhibition, but things are going well. Some issues here and there with the software and hardware changes but the overall sensation is that the system is performing excellently and will be rock solid at the time of the show.
For the opening, we will have the honor to listen to Shining Crane's live performance, which will be recorded by the CvCinema System. The software will analyse the audio and video to generate and projected output, mixing the images recorded from three IP cameras and one webcam.
Speed Dome PTZ surveillance camera
One of the IP cameras is a Vivotek SD8121 Speed Dome surveillance camera mounted on the ceiling. The pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) movements of the camera are remotelly controlled by an Axiomtek Pico 820 single board computer (SBC), that sends the commands after analysing the optical flow of the people walking around.
Robotic pan-tilt camera unit
The second network camera is a D-Link DCS-2230 wireless high definition IP camera, monted on a robotic turret. This will be controlled from a computer that, with the help of a Kinect sensor, detects the spectator's 3D position.
Mobile camera robotic unit
The third camera is an Axis m1011-w wireless IP camera, mounted on a Roomba hoover robot that will be moving around the band during the show.
3D view of the exhibition room
Several monitors and projections will be distributed on the walls to show the analysis data.

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