Jun 19, 2011

Symet+micro camera

After some time modifying the design and testing with various combinations of components, we present our version of symet with built-in micro camera. This experimental video device is a solar junkbot to call serendipity in the video shots. Subliminal video stream is going to be analyzed by OpenCV to extract meaningful images and make new assemblies.
Thanks to the help of Julio Zaldivar from robotics area of Centro Multimedia

Below are 2 videos, the first documented movement symet and the second reflects the micro video camera recorded by the built-in.

Below are a video of the robotic Julio advice.

GPSerendipity Going to Teotihuacan

The following videos documents the use of the object pix_opencv_of_lk for extraction of images captured video stream. Pix_opencv_of_lk calculates the optical flow, trying to correlate the movement of blocks from a frame to next one, this algorithm is known as Block Matching. It uses a variable size of blocks that can be adjusted. it uses the Lucas/Kanade algorithm for the identification and tracking of points.

In the following videos we can see the result of analysis of OpenCV is used to produce one-second pause in the video stream in search of the "photographic serendipity."

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