Jan 18, 2011

Custom size embedded Vimeo videos on Wordpress

I'm keeping a research diary of my thesis project in the Wordpress blog site of the university:

There is a tutorial showing how to easily embed vimeo videos on Wordpress: . However, in my blog the videos where always shown in 4:3 aspect with letterbox.

As I keep posting with embedded Vimeo videos in rare aspect ratios, I wanted to manually set the size of the videos shown in the blog.

I looked for some info about it without success. The only info I found about the subject told to put the size this way:

[vimeo vimeo_link w=desired_width&h=desired_height]

But this didn't work.

Then I just tryed to write it as it would be html inside the brackets like this:

[vimeo vimeo_link width=desired_width height=desired_height]

For example:

[vimeo width="480" height="135"]
And it worked!!!

Have a look here to see the results.

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