Dec 5, 2011

Kinect real-time head tracking with openframeworks

We are playing with the capabilities of the algorithm published by Gabriele Fanelli, for an upcoming interactive installation. The results are very promising as you can see in the following video...

Dec 4, 2011

PS3 Eye Driver Framerate Patch

The PS3 eye driver has a fixed default videomode and framerate. If you want to change the framerate of your PS3 eye in linux you usually have to unload the module and load it again. We modified bear24rw's patch to include the posibility to change the framerate form your favorite viewer like GUVCview or from your own code like openFrameworks...

Nov 26, 2011

Cooler Pandaboard with newer kernels?

After running some stress tests to analyze the thermal performance of the Pandaboard with a newer OS, the results were surprising...

Nov 22, 2011

Pointclouds (PCL) test with Kinect

I want to test the PCL performance for realtime 3D visualization and processing of data captured from a Kinect.

Oct 7, 2011

3d point cloud blob tracking & targeting with kinect and a robotic pan-tilt turret

After exploring the possibilities of using opencv 2d algorithms for 3d tracking with 3d depth buffer images, we decided to work directly with the 3d point cloud data to perform a better and more versatile 3d tracking.

Sep 4, 2011

Taller en vida 75º Color

The Ramdom Lab has collaborated with Malotaprojects in development of an interactive application that lets you play with your artwork using a sensor kinect.
The piece was presented at the Taller en vida de 75º Color in Mexico City on 3rd of September.

Aug 20, 2011

Samuel Beckett's QUAD play robotic performance

The lab had the honor to be working in the robotic version of Beckett's Quad play. The project, by the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry (SCI) at CMU, is an original concept by Matt Gray (director of the play), and was produced by Golan Levin, in charge of the SCI.

Jul 31, 2011

Malota´s interactives puppets

The Random Lab is collaborating with Malota Projects in the development of an interactive project. We are using Malota´s character to animate with Animata and can be moved by the user in real time. OSCeleton sent to Animata the position of the skeleton joints detected by a sensor kinect.

Jul 11, 2011

Pandaboard face detection performance test

We did a simple performance test of OpenCV's haar finder face detection with Pandaboard on Ubuntu and openFramewroks.

Jun 29, 2011

Heatsink performance analysis on Pandaboard

Within our research collaboration with Aectir we made an application to select the % CPU load an monitor the temperature of the Pandaboard's OMAP4430.

Jun 28, 2011

Arduino Roomba Wishield

Last week we experimented with the iRobot Create Open Interface platform as part of our collaboration with Golan Levin and his GML to Roomba project (see other GML related projects), at the CMU STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, Pittsburgh, with the following people involved:
Golan Levin: GML parsing; project management.
David Sanz Kirbis: Arduino development and wireless protocols.
Paul Miller: Processing software and robot control.
Evan Roth and Matthew Gray: Instigation.

Jun 19, 2011

Symet+micro camera

After some time modifying the design and testing with various combinations of components, we present our version of symet with built-in micro camera. This experimental video device is a solar junkbot to call serendipity in the video shots. Subliminal video stream is going to be analyzed by OpenCV to extract meaningful images and make new assemblies.
Thanks to the help of Julio Zaldivar from robotics area of Centro Multimedia

Apr 3, 2011

Pandaboard thermographic analysis

Thanks to the help of Rafael Royo from Aectir, we had the opportunity to make a thermal recording of the Pandaboard.

Mar 31, 2011

Pandaboard is hot!

The Pandaboard's Omap 4430 is designed to work in small devices without heatsink. However, we noticed it gets really hot in a warm environment.

Mar 20, 2011

Pandaboard + openFrameworks / Processing / PureData

After more than a month waiting the Pandaboard we ordered arrived. We are testing the performance of the board for development with GNU/Linux. The distribution is a Ubuntu Maverick.

Mar 4, 2011

Kinect OpenNI-NITE ofxOpenNI Skeleton with openFrameworks on Linux

At last, after some setting up we got the Nite library accesible from openFrameworks on linux thanxs to the work of the independent community.

Feb 25, 2011

kinect and puredata_opencv

We used the sensor Kinect as imput for detection using OpenCV algorithms for pure data designed by Yves Degoyon and Lluis Gomez i Bigorda.

Feb 21, 2011

Kinect with Processing on Ubuntu Linux

At last it seems to work!

We have been trying to make Kinect accessible from Processing with the help of OpenKinect's Java JNI Wrapper tutorial, Nikolaus Gradwohl's tutorial and some hints at this thread.

Weekend at Medialab Prado with Golan Levin's Kinect workshop

We spent last weekend at Medialab Prado enjoying a workshop by Golan Levin.

He explained some of his most renown pieces in an interesting conference. You can watch the video at Medialab Prado site. Golan also showed some of the last creations of the independent community taking advantage of this technology.

Feb 16, 2011

Realtime mapping video projection experiments (2)

Second experiment to realtime mapping video projection over a physical object in movement. Currently testing the object "pdp_artkp": ARToolKitPlus object for pd, developed by Yves Degoyon. Imaging performed on a white base, as the marker is on the back of the stand, hidden from the user but visible to the camera.

Jan 18, 2011

Custom size embedded Vimeo videos on Wordpress

I'm keeping a research diary of my thesis project in the Wordpress blog site of the university:

There is a tutorial showing how to easily embed vimeo videos on Wordpress: . However, in my blog the videos where always shown in 4:3 aspect with letterbox.