Feb 4, 2014

Playing with the 3D printer & microfusion metal casting

Today I collected my first microfused things from Fundiart, in  Valencia.
The items were printed in PLA and cast in brass, and the results are excellent.
Continue reading to see a video and some pictures...

Jewerly artist Elvira Mateu, from Viruthiers, asked the people at Fundiart if they could cast from PLA printed pieces instead of the wax with the traditional lost-wax technique, and they said yes.
So I took some 3D printed things like a skull ring, designed for a friend, a customized Mighty RepRap Power Ring, and a custom made pinion.

The punk skull ring just 3D printed in PLA, including the support material.

Punk skull ring (three spike version)

You know what he is saying...
I used sketchup free version to model it in 3D, taking as initial model a human 3D skull downloaded from the warehouse.

And here are some pictures of the resulting brass pieces, as they came out of the foundry:

Here is a video of the printing process and the result:

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