Feb 18, 2014

Impress Progress Bar

A few months ago I wanted to have a progress bar in an Impress presentation, but couldn't find a feature to generate it automatically. So I had to write a macro script... 

The script adds a bar with the percentage and width proportional to the position of the slide in the presentation.

Now I see there are other people wanting this functionality, so I'll publish it here:

 Sub InsertProgressBar  
 Dim oDoc As Object  
 oDoc = ThisComponent  
 ' Check if this is an Impress document  
 If thisComponent.supportsService("com.sun.star.drawing.GenericDrawingDocument") Then  
      Dim oDrawPage As Object  
      Dim Point As New com.sun.star.awt.Point  
      Dim Size As New com.sun.star.awt.Size  
      Dim Factor As Double  
      Dim Percent As Integer  
      For n = 0 To oDoc.DrawPages.Count-1  
           oDrawPage = oDoc.DrawPages(n)  
           Factor = oDrawPage.Width / oDoc.DrawPages.Count  
           Size.Width = (n + 1) * Factor  
           Size.Height = oDrawPage.Height * 0.05  
           Point.x = 0  
           Point.y = oDrawPage.Height - Size.Height  
           m = oDrawPage.getCount-1  
           Do While (m >= 0)  
                mShape = oDrawPage.getByIndex(m)  
                If (InStr(mShape.Name, "Progress Bar Macro") <> 0) Then  
                End If  
                m = m-1  
           RectangleShape = oDoc.createInstance("com.sun.star.drawing.RectangleShape")  
           RectangleShape.CharWeight = com.sun.star.awt.FontWeight.BOLD  
           RectangleShape.CharFontName = "Arial"  
           RectangleShape.Size = Size  
           RectangleShape.Position = Point  
           RectangleShape.Name = "Progress Bar Macro " + (n+1)  
           Percent = 100 * (n + 1) / oDoc.DrawPages.Count  
           ' RectangleShape.String = "" + oDrawPage.Number + " / " + Doc.DrawPages.Count + " (%" + Percent + ")"  
           RectangleShape.String = "%" + Percent  
      Next n  
 End If  
 End Sub  

You can copy the code above or download the .bas file BAS library from my github repo here.

Edit: Thanks to Leo Barichello we have now a dialog box and some customization options.

How to use: 

1st make a backup of your FINISHED presentation.

2nd execute the macro and a progress bar will be added to each slide, on top of whatever there is in it.

Use it freely but at you own risk, I wont be responsible for any loss or damage to your work or system.

Info on how to add/import a macro to your Open Office / Libre Office Suite is available on the net, so just use your favorite search engine to find how to do it.

TODO: maybe someone would like to add a dialog to choose different options for the progress bar...

NOTE: This screenshot is just a mockup

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  1. Thank you, it was very useful!
    If I find some spare time, I may work in the dialog box.