Mar 31, 2011

Pandaboard is hot!

The Pandaboard's Omap 4430 is designed to work in small devices without heatsink. However, we noticed it gets really hot in a warm environment.

We are trying to keep our board in safe temperature ranges. It doesn't have a PC-like chipset with temperature sensors, so monitoring tools like lmsensors don't seem to work.

We made an experiment to attach a heatsink in a non permanent way (avoiding the thermal epoxy alternative).
Here are some pics of our setup:

We divided a low airspeed heatsink in 4 small pieces
Some good quality thermal compound
And a few extra pieces to keep it in place

 The sink still gets very hot, so we are considering putting a whole heatsink instead of 1/4 of it.



  1. I've had my pandaboard for a few days now and noticed the CPU does indeed get warm so I went and purchased a heatsink which does appear to help things out a bit. Where did you get your mounting hardware for the heatsink?

    Nice article btw!

  2. Hi there,

    Sorry for the late answer!

    We got the plastic push pins from an old graphic card's heatsink (like these:
    The wire is a straightened steel spring from an old printer, but any stiff steel about 1mm diameter should work.