Mar 4, 2011

Kinect OpenNI-NITE ofxOpenNI Skeleton with openFrameworks on Linux

At last, after some setting up we got the Nite library accesible from openFrameworks on linux thanxs to the work of the independent community.

To make it work, we followed closely these instructions to install the OpenNI libs, Primesense's Sensor drivers, and the NITE library.

We got some of the "InitFromXml failed: Can't create any node of the requested type!" error reported by other, but it was solved after rebooting, deleting the three folders (OpenNI, Sensors and NITE), and repeating everithing.

We used as wrapper Alohas's "ofxONI_notYetAddon" with some changes. We also had to change the name of several "Status" variables to "theStatus" on the XnStatus.h file as follows:

XN_C_API const XnChar* xnGetStatusString(const XnStatus theStatus);

XN_C_API const XnChar* xnGetStatusName(const XnStatus theStatus);

XN_C_API void xnPrintError(const XnStatus theStatus, const XnChar* csUserMessage);

Download the modified codeblocks linux project for of_0062 here. You should uncompress the file in your of_0062/apps/addonsExamples folder.

There are some other oF addon initiatives (by roxlu, Kyle McDonald, HalfDanJ, etc.) that will probably be included in oF07, just google "ofxopenni".

Here is a short video of our first test:

Sorry for the quality!


  1. Thank you for the tarball that links to 0062, worked perfectly out of the box.

    This in good time as I have been playing with the OpenNI samples because I struggled to get the mac version of some of the other ofxOpenNI addons going on my Ubuntu machine.

  2. Open the file ofxONI_notYetAddon_skeleton.workspace with a text editor then change the two "linux" in the file to "linux64". Then it will work in Ubuntu 64bit